The greatness of school does not lies only in its state-of-the art infrastructure alone, but on the vision, tradition and legacy & motto its built itself on. Nestled between the lush green trees & gardens where the mountains of Arunachal peep through the windows, The Marshal Residential School, Rani prides itself in being a ‘School for adventure’ where education cherishes, enhances and inspires a student to be the best that they can be.

Most modern teaching methods.

Facilities for a host of sports, music, crafts, games and other co-curricular activities.

A committed environment to instill values, discipline, positivity and creativity.

Coaching classes after school for students who need extra attention.

Boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

The School promotes education beyond classrooms with multiple Co-Curricular activities to select from. The School continues to excel in its cultural & educational pursuit with its students in various disciplines of Dance, Music, Art, Debates, IT etc. The genius that marks these programmes is the fact that many students go on to pursue the passion they discovered during these activities, as professional career choices in their adult lives. A growing school, MRS prides itself in being a thriving and evolving community where a student receives not just an education, but a way of life.

With the rise of a new day, the motto of MRS, Rani rings firm that “Learning Today, and Leading Tomorrow for a better country”. This remains the ethos of MRS,Rani..